Customization Capabilities

  • Decoration Methods

    • Dye Sublimation: This decoration method is best used when printing on white colored 100% polyester or other synthetic fabrics. This process uses specially formulated inks that are initially printed on coated heat resistant transfer paper. The paper is then draped over the flattened fabric/garment and heat pressed at around 375F. During the pressing of the garment at high heat the dye turns to gas, permeates the fabric and permanently bonds to the fibers. 

    • Advantages
      • imprint is permanent
      • color vibrancy is exceptional
      • soft to the touch feel
      • photographic/high resolution quality is attainable
      • imprint can be printed all over the entire item from one edge to another

      • slow print speed
      • any creases in fabric/garment has the tendency to prevent those areas from being successfully printed, leaving them blank
  • Fabric Dyeing and Treatment

    • Tie Dye: This is a specialized dyeing technique that uses one of the above dyeing mediums to create an irregular color pattern. Rather than dying the entire garment, portions of it are tied off shielding the garment dye from dyeing specific areas. While the resulting patterns will vary from piece to piece, the overall style and pattern can be controlled.

    • Additional Note: Most of the time reactive dyes are best used for dark colors while direct dyes are most commonly used for light and pastel colors. This is a decision we will advise you on depending on the exact look you are trying to achieve.

  • Additional Services

    • Artwork creation
    • Artwork modification
    • Artwork screen print separation
    • Artwork embroidery digitization
    • Tag removal and printing
    • Hanging Tag Application
    • Poly Bagging (custom printed poly bags available)
    • Mylar Bagging
    • Free PMS ink color matching
    • Sample printing
    • Low quantity orders
    • Custom cut and sew

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