Services Overview

Row Apparel is actively involved in every step of a projects life cycle including pre-production which is arguably the most important step in the process. With proper planning and preparation the actual customization process is made easy. The following is an overview of Row Apparel’s services. These services are a direct result of us upholding our mission:

Inspire our customers to create and empower our manufacturers, suppliers and printers to produce.

  • Graphic Art Creation

    Send us your design concepts. They can be print ready vector art files or written descriptions with scanned hand drawings and/or images. The more detailed of a concept you submit, the more inspiration and direction our artists have and the quicker we can turn everything around for you. Our artists are here to help bring your concepts to life quickly, professionally and affordably. Row Apparel is not a branding or marketing company. Our artists are trained to receive concepts and create print ready art, the development of brand identities are outside of our purview.

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  • Online Web Support

    • Custom website creation, e-commerce, and hosting: Have a great idea for one or multiple custom products? Need an online store-front? All Row Apparel customers have access to our custom e-commerce website resources. We will personalize your store and populate it with your product images and details. Don’t have product images? Want to pre-sale your products? No problem. We can create a high quality digital mock-ups for use in your store. Pre-selling is a great way to decrease and even eliminate up-front costs when bringing a new design and even a new brand to market. It is also a good way to gauge demand and ensure your final product offerings will meet your target markets needs.

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    • Survey Support: Have product concepts but need feedback on them from your friends and potential customers before pre-selling or going into production? Let Row Apparel create and deploy a web-based survey for you. We can even embed surveys into your custom website (see above) to help increase your brand recognition even before you have an actual product to sell.

      We have found that more products are sold when our customers incorporate third-party feedback into the design process. Not only are products more representative of their target markets comprehensive style, but those that provided feedback are more likely to purchase and promote the product. These individuals form a unique connection with the end result which typically moves them from being a passive fan to an active supporter.

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  • Customization Services

    We provide a range of customization services that can be applied to an ever expanding catalog of retail quality products. See the Customization Capabilities page for more information.

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