Our digital mock-ups are very close representations of the final product, thus most projects do not require pre-production samples; however, we still offer the service to those interested in reviewing a physical sample prior to production. Note that the sample production and review process will delay the actual production of the final product. The delay is based on the specified sample option and the length of the review process. A pre-production sample fee will apply. This fee will include the set up costs as well as a run charge, both of which are dependent on the complexity of the print. (See below for more details)

The following table includes the available sample options, the achievable final product characteristics, as well as a general price comparison.

Sample OptionsFinal Product CharacteristicsPrice*
Product Fit and FeelGraphic Placing and SizingFinal Ink Colors
1.Blank GarmentYesNoNo$
2. Ink SwatchNoNoYes$
3.Digitally Printed SampleYesYesNo*$$
4. Actual Product*YesYesYes$$$$$$

*Table Notes

  • Pricing: “$” are used to indicate the price relationship between options. Actual values will vary from project to project.

  • Digitally Printed Sample (2): Digital printing can achieve approximate printing colors, but not exact Pantone colors; therefore, digitally printed samples are not used for ink color verification. Conversely, should you like a digitally printed color, we can match that for you during final production using a plastisol or water based ink.

  • Actual Product Sample (4): This is only applicable to screen printing, embroidery, and fabric treatments. Digital printed samples can be achieved using the digital printing sample option (3) unless the project calls for an additional customization method.

    A portion of this sample cost is credited to the final project upon sample approval. At this stage graphic alterations can only be made to the placement and ink color without incurring additional costs. Altering the graphic in any way including its size will require additional set up costs. (i.e. Screen Printing: new set of film and screens, Embroider: editing the digitized file)

    Upon receipt of the samples, you will have 10 business days to approve. If you need to extend the sample approval deadline please coordinate with your Customer Service Representative. Without an extension and after 10 business days you will no longer be eligible for the sample cost credit; however, your project can still move forward.

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