Value Engineering

The following are methods commonly used by customers to reduce the overall price of their project while maintaining the intended quality and look. They are listed in order of effectiveness (decreased cost) which is based on typical scenarios. If you have not done so already, a quick review of the Pricing page may be helpful in understanding the following price reducing strategies.

  • Decrease the amount of imprint locations/graphics: Eliminate a graphic altogether or try to combine two graphics into one so that they will be printed together. This strategy reduces the amount of screens needed (set-up) and reduces the printing costs (run-charge) and overall production time. This is only applicable to graphics whose placements are close enough to fit on the same set of screens.

  • Decrease the amount of colors: Simplify the graphic by removing colors and/or using the color of the product by making a portion of the graphic transparent. If you have light blue in a graphic and you print that graphic on a light blue product, we can leave the light blue portion of the graphic transparent so the products color shows through.

  • Increase quantity: While this method increases the total price of a project, it can decrease the per unit cost. If you are selling the end product, a lower per unit cost can allow for an increase in profit and/ or decrease in sale price. While decreasing the sale price will effectively decrease the per unit profit, it can entice more people to purchase, thus increasing your total profit.

  • Eliminate the under base: The under base can be eliminated by using a light colored product. The removal of the need for an under base reduces the overall set up cost and print run charge.

  • Choose an alternated product: Most of Row Apparel’s “expensive” products have comparable, less expensive alternatives. If you are not concerned about the brand name, try out an alternate. In most cases all comparable products are equal in quality, the main factor for has more to do with where the product was produced. (Domestically or Overseas)

  • Royalty Fee: If a royalty fee applies to your project due to the use of trademarked material, there are may ways to alter your graphic(s) and eliminate the fee while maintaining your desired look.

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