Cause Clothing

CauseClothing's philanthropic strategy is threefold:

  • 1-10 Program promotes the purchasing of eco-friendly products. For every 10 products sold that bares a 1-10 badge, will donate one (1) to its charity affiliate network.
  • Miss-Print Program keeps good garments from becoming shop rags. All of's miss-prints are collected and donated to its charity affiliate network.
  • Brand Support Program seeks out and support social and environmentally responsible apparel companies such as Our supply chain management services allow our customers to operate more efficiently, thus increasing our philanthropic customer’s effectiveness. Further benefit comes from our responsible production resources. We have found that a lot of philanthropic companies unknowingly counteract the good they do by having their products produced in below standard working conditions and/or in a non eco-friendly manner.'s philanthropic customers are assured their products are being produced in socially and environmentally responsible ways, thereby amplifying the company's philanthropic reach.

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