Eco-Friendly Supply Chain

The following information includes's key environmentally responsible supply chain management characteristics. Note not all products are organic. Those products that are organic are subjected to a stringent process starting in the field and continuing up through the finished good’s delivery.

Organic Farming

  • Use only 100% untreated, non-GMO seeds.
  • Crop weeds are physically removed rather than chemically.
  • By strategically planting “trap crops” such as alfalfa, pests can be lured away from cotton crops. Special insects can also be used for pest control.
  • Crop rotation increases a soils ability to retain water, thus increasing its organic matter which furthers the crops productivity.
  • Defoliation through seasonal freezing and water management.

Manufacturing Process

  • Organic goods are processed separately from conventional cotton to avoid contamination.
  • Use eco-friendly chemicals that meet organic fiber processing standards.

The following supply chain steps apply to all orders, not just those using organic products.


Print within 500 miles of the ship-to address... coming soon!

Group Shipping

Ship multiple orders in one box to a location predetermined by the group... coming soon!

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