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Welcome to our new and improved site! We decided to launch it earlier than expected but are continuing to improve upon it and are constantly adding new products. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests. If you are unable to find the exact product(s) you are looking for, let us know, we definitely have access to them but may have not yet had them added to the catalog on our site. Either email us ( or contact us through the site. Thanks!

About Us

Row Apparel was started by two brothers as an effort to create a more streamlined experience for customers and manufacturers within the product customization industry. By doing so, each party can focus on what they do best which increases the number of projects and quality of products while decreasing turnaround time and costs.

  • Large, comprehensive, and organized catalog of available products.
  • Direct access to our purchasing managers: if you cannot find what you are looking for in our catalog, let us know and we will find and add it for you.
  • Affordable and timely graphic art creation: our graphic artists are here to help bring your design concepts to life.
  • Decorate products using any medium: from your standard screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, and sublimation to specialty inks and appliques; all print mediums are available for your use.
  • Four color process, simulated process, index printing, and dye sublimation: allow for complex, high color count designs and images to be printed at an affordable price.
  • Custom garment dyeing and fabric treatments: select items in our catalog are prepared for dye (PFD) and available for custom dyeing, enabling you to specify a custom color. We also provide the option to tie dye as well as silicone and enzyme wash garments.
  • Free online collaboration tools: use our tools to get your group's input on a project. This input can ensure the group's collective style is accounted for in the final product.
  • Free online sales tools: sell your product online using our on-demand sales platform.
  • Order fulfillment: we’ve got room and staff; let us fulfill your orders so you can focus on designing and selling great new products.
  • Large network of manufacturers, suppliers and decorators: we can fulfill your every need, from one to a million plus units. Our extensive global network provides you access to the industry's best resources for your specific customization needs.

Order fulfillment: we’ve got room and staff; let us fulfill your orders so you can focus on designing and selling great new products.

Inspire our customers to create and empower our manufacturers, suppliers, and printers to produce.

We are currently automating the majority of business processes such as product purchasing, reporting, and supply chain management. These components of Row Apparel’s online presence are still in their development and testing phases. Read more about these services in the Coming Soon Section.