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Graphic Design

The following are important notes to consider when submitting art.

Print Ready Art Submission: the preferred print ready format is vector. Vector art can be created in programs like Adobe Illustrator or Coral DRAW and will typically bear the extension “.ai”, “.cdr”, “.eps”, or “.svg”. Vector images are easy to alter and won’t pixelate when enlarged. Raster images (aka bitmap images) with a resolution of 300+ dpi (dots per inch aka ppi or pixels per inch) work great as long as they are sized at or above the intended print dimensions.

True print ready art has been tailored to a project's print mediums and substrates. There are a variety of print mediums (ie: Screen Printing: plastisol, water based inks etc.) and printing substrates (ie: paper, cotton, polyester, etc), all of which need to be accounted for when preparing a graphic for printing. Even if the same file was used with another printer and/ or on another product, a Row Apparel graphic artist will always review the art to ensure that it conforms to the intended print mediums and substrates’ constraints. They will also double check the art for flaws that could be amplified when viewed in a larger size and in a non-digital format. If alterations are needed, we will get your approval prior to production.

Concept Submission: Concepts come in many formats including pictures, text descriptions, fonts, sketches, etc. Send us what you have and our artists will convert it into print ready art and collaborate with you until it is just right.

**Free Art Disclaimer: Row Apparel maintains the exclusive ownership rights of any art and provided concepts it creates or alters free of charge. Unless agreed upon prior to commencing work, all concepts supplied to Row Apparel and anything created or altered by Row Apparel or its affiliated graphic art companies are owned exclusively by Row Apparel. Graphics can be altered, used in marketing collateral, and offered to other customers at Row Apparel’s sole discretion. Should you want to maintain the rights to art created by Row Apparel, please let us know at the onset of a project. A small fee may apply. Additionally, a small fee may apply should you want a copy of your graphic art’s source file.

Need Graphic Art Assistance?

Let us help bring your design concept to life. Please take a look at the Design Process infographic at the top of the right hand column and send us as detailed of a design concept as possible. Please also be sure to let us know what types of products you will be looking to apply this artwork to. One of our graphic artists will review your request and let you know how long your design request will take ($30/hour).