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Decoration Methods - Embroidery


Embroidery uses a needle and thread to embellish products with desired graphics. Contemporary embroidery is stitched with a computerized embroidery machine using artwork created by standard graphic art software that has been converted into machine code through the digitization process.

Standard/Flat Embroidery application strictly uses thread to achieve a slightly raised, flat appearance

Puff/3D Embroidery is the addition of foam beneath the thread and above the fabric of the product which when stitched over the entirety or a portion of the embroidered graphic, gives it a raised 3D look.

Appliqué (application) refers to the decoration technique in which patches or pieces of twill, felt, or other materials are sewn onto garments to create a high density design. Offered in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, stitches and application techniques.

  • Patches are the most common form of appliqué. A wide range of different style patches can be custom produced and applied to just about any and all products imaginable.

  • Tackle Twill is the application of custom-cut lettering/designs made of polyester twill material onto products (primarily garments). Any shape, letter, or design can be custom cut and sewn onto almost any garment giving it an extremely finished and refined look. The twill material is stitched around the edges most commonly using a zig-zag or dotted stitch path which permanently fixes it to the garment.

Other types of applique are also available, please inquire