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Welcome to our new and improved site! We decided to launch it earlier than expected but are continuing to improve upon it and are constantly adding new products. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests. If you are unable to find the exact product(s) you are looking for, let us know, we definitely have access to them but may have not yet had them added to the catalog on our site. Either email us ( or contact us through the site. Thanks!

Info - Additional Services

Additional Services


Below is a list of standard finishing services we offer. Special requests are welcome, please inquire.

Folding - fold all garments individually or in requested assortments by size/colors/styles etc.. Standard order folding is usually done by dozens of the same size.

Polybagging - individually fold and polybag all garments in standard, stock polybags or custom printed ones.

Mylar Bagging - individually fold and bag all garments in standard, stock mylar bags or custom printed ones.

Roll & Band - roll and rubber band garments.

Apply Sticker(s) - size stickers or custom branded stickers can be applied directly to garments, polybags or rolled and banded garments.

Apply Hang Tags - apply your provided hang tags or work with us to produce custom hang tags to apply to your products

Custom Printed Cards & Other Marketing Collateral - we can assist you with producing custom printed cards, stickers or other marketing collateral to include with all products.