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Fashion Umbrellas

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Brand: Stromberg Model: 2050-50
Automatic opening. 46" Pongee canopy with color matching fiberglass shaft, frame, and ribs Folds to 31.5 inches. Includes storage sleeve for added protection when not in use. Available for one-day turn with Sureship®Color(s) on clearance: Royal (RYL) Material: Pongee Dimension ..
Brand: Stromberg Model: 2050-07
Automatic opening. Umbrella case includes a shoulder strap. Sturdy metal shaft with matching ferrule & tips. Large wood handle. Available for one-day turn with Sureship®.Color(s) on clearance: Royal,White, Black (BK) Material: Pongee Dimension Height32.75 IN ..
Brand: Stromberg Model: 2050-68
52" arc auto opening umbrella features a clear canopy with 6" fabric hem for decorating, and a plastic color matching handle. Available for one-day turn with Sureship®Color(s) on clearance: Red (RD) Material: Pongee Dimension Height35.50 IN ..
Brand: Stromberg Model: 2050-82
47" auto open fashion umbrella with metal frame and ribs, polyester canopy and plastic handle. Trendy and colorful design that features 3 colors per umbrella across 12 panelsColor(s) on clearance: Lime (LM), Red (RD) Material: Polyester Dimension Height31.50 IN ..
Brand: Stromberg Model: 2051-10
48" Automatic Opening Umbrella made from 100% recycled PET material and also features natural wooden handle and tips. Available for one-day turn with Sureship®. Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales of this and all EcoSmart products will be donated to nonprofits dedicate..
Brand: Stromberg Model: 2051-05
Automatic opening umbrella with a Buffalo Plaid printed pongee printed on alternating panels. EVA foam handle in complementary brown color adds to the design. Folds to 32" when closed. Available for one-day turn with Sureship®. Material: Pongee Dimension Height32.00 IN..
Brand: Stromberg Model: 2051-22
48" automatic opening umbrella featuring a heathered design, ergonomic matte black handle, and durable fiberglass ribs. Available for one-day turn with Sureship® Material: Pongee Dimension Height31.25 IN Depth2.00 IN Weig..
Brand: Row Apparel Model: SM-9555
The 46" Auto Open Value Fashion Umbrella has an automatic opening, a sturdy metal shaft, and a comfortable and ergonomic black plastic handle with matching ferrule tip. Available for one-day turn. Material: Polyester Dimension Height47.00 IN Depth2...
Brand: Row Apparel Model: SM-9577
46" canopy arc, automatic opening umbrella. Colorized features include a classic crooked handle, safety tips, and fiberglass frame. Available for one-day turn. Material: Polyester Dimension Height33.25 IN Depth4.00 IN Wei..
Brand: Stromberg Model: 2050-92
46" arc automatic opening umbrella features fashionable design elements like a textured honeycomb canopy, and an aluminum shaft that compliments the canopy color; black fabric with silver shaft, navy blue fabric with gold shaft, grey canopy with copper shaft. Available for one-day turn with Sureship..
Brand: Stromberg Model: 2050-57
Automatic opening. Pongee canopy with 1” color trim. Textured EVA foam handle. 3” Rubberized safety top. Available for one-day turn with Sureship®. Material: Pongee Dimension Height21.50 IN Weight0.70 LB..
Brand: Stromberg Model: 2050-87
Automatic opening umbrella featuring expanding frame. Umbrellas is the same size as a more compact fashion umbrella when closed at just 32" high, but using a special frame expands open to a full size 58" golf size umbrella. Features colorized vented canopies that expand as the umbrella opens. Availa..
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