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Brand: SnugZ Model: ZSKBASIC
How many brands can say they save lives? Well, we can’t get all Grey’s Anatomy and promise you that this branded mini first aid kit can. BUT we can promise that this promo item will take care of a skinned knee and promoting a healthier relationship between your business and its customers. Sounds pre..
Brand: SnugZ Model: ZSKPET
This pet safety and first aid kit was created to help take care of our four-pawed companions that always seem to be taking care of us. Make this pet safety kit your own by choosing a black or white thermal transfer imprint and zippered plastic bag in several trendy colors that match your branding be..
Brand: SnugZ Model: ZSKTRADESHOW
Having the right essentials at the right time is key to surviving the tradeshow madness. Keep this tradeshow safety and first aid kit close at hand for your dogs that are barking, sore back, and well, you get the picture. Sounds pretty life-altering to us. Make this tradeshow kit your own by choosin..
Brand: SnugZ Model: ZSKFIRSTAID
“Golly gee, this is the bees knees!” That’s exactly what the customers at your next event will say when you hand them this customizable first aid kit. Well, if we lived in the 1950s. Today, customers will probably say something along the lines of, “Sweet, this is cool and I’ll definitely use it.” Th..
Brand: SnugZ Model: ZSKOUTDOOR
Let's face it, it's almost impossible to avoid those bites, scratches, and cuts when adventuring in the great outdoors. That’s why we created this outdoor safety and first aid kit you won't dare leave home without. For starters, the portable nylon zippered bag is tear-resistant (the rippy kind of te..
Brand: SnugZ Model: ZSKGOLF
This branded golf safety and first aid kit is so darn useful and eye-catching that you'll never hit the links without it. For starters, the portable nylon zippered bag is tear-resistant (the rippy kind of tear, not the owwy kind—that’s where the bandages come in). A silver carabiner allows you to cl..
Brand: SnugZ Model: ZSKPREMIUM
Bad swag pains us. So do cuts, scrapes, and I-want-my-mommy-moments. That’s why we created this Premium First Aid Kit—to stitch up your marketing efforts so you can make a better impression with customers. Start by choosing a color that matches your brand identity. Then, add your logo for us to prin..
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